Training for Warriors Greensboro


TFW – a fitness community based on cooperation not competition

The community and culture at TFW Greensboro fosters a challenging and motivating environment to empower you to reach your fitness goals. Training with a small group is a great way to give you accountability and camaraderie — plus, it’s just more FUN reaching goals together! The other thing my students love about Training for Warriors is the fact that group training sessions are highly customizable. Fitness is not “one size fits all”. Students of all fitness levels easily modify their training to suit where they’re at. Never routine and never boring, TFW workouts feature just the right amount of repetition and — week to week — work every part of your body, including developing your speed and cardiovascular endurance.

Interested in Semi-Private or Private Training?

Do you have a small work team or a set of friends with whom you’d love to goal set and work out? When you share a private training session (up to 5 people), not only will you get maximum personal attention at a great value, but you’ll also bond and grow together as you work collaboratively toward your individual goals. Grab your buddies, your workmates, your neighbors, your church group, your girlfriends — and imagine how fun it would be to get fit and strong together!

There is great power of change in a group setting; however, private training sessions are also available. Contact us to learn more and find out how we can customize a plan specifically for your needs that you can carry out in focused, one-on one sessions.

Whether Group or private training, it all starts with a personalized strategy session!

We do things a little differently from other gyms. Rather than throwing you right into a training session (group or private), we like to get to know you first. We need to know about your goals, interests, fears, past successes and failures. Understanding your health history and injuries ensures we can give you to the tools you need to succeed in our program. We will get baseline measurements as well as functional movement assessments that will allow us both to track your progress together and make sure you’re achieving your goals. Your Training for Warriors “familia” becomes some of your closest supporters and helps make workouts fun — meanwhile your coaches are there every step of the way. It all starts with your personal strategy session, where we develop a custom report detailing where you are today and where you want to go. We have helpful tracking systems in place to chart your progress; after all, you can’t manage what you don’t measure! We are committed to your success; if you commit to showing up at the dojo 3-4 times a week, you’ll soon be amazed at what you become.