Are “LIES” holding you back from success?!

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Happy Monday Dailey Fitness Warriors!!!

I hope you had an amazing weekend recharging your batteries and getting your focus SET for greatness this week. The “W.O.W.” = BELIEVE…and I hope you will embrace this word by BELIEVING in yourself & getting 1% BETTER each day.


One of the incredibly inspiring coaches in my life is my mentor Martin Rooney (owner/creator of TFW). This week I am going to share a series of Rooney’s words of wisdom that have made a positive impact on my thought process…in hopes for the same for YOU! His words tie directly in with our “W.O.W” & how your belief system & mindset will determine your destiny!

“Your thoughts collectively form your attitude and your attitude ultimately forms your future. Successful people begin each day with more empowering thoughts than that of the less successful. Have thoughts of success and your imagination will lead you to take successful actions.  Start each day with mediocre thoughts and mediocre actions are the only possible outcome.  But why do you think the way you do?  Most of your thoughts were influenced or “programmed” by someone or some experiences in your life.  Whether the “programmers” were your parents, teachers, coaches or friends, your thought process has been shaped by someone or something else.  By recognizing this, you can challenge the way you think and actually “reprogram” your thoughts.  This “upgrade” process is a skill that you can learn.  If you change your thoughts, these new thoughts will lead to a new level of imagination and, therefore, different results.” ~Martin Rooney
Over the next few days I am going to write about & share Rooney’s thought process about some of the “LIES” that we have been told that might be keeping YOU from reaching your full potential. By “upgrading” these “lies”-you will become empowered to make positive changes to your personal fitness, bank account and relationships. Stay tuned and read your “Dailey Mails” this week if you need motivation to improve any aspect of your life!

Tomorrow’s “Lie”=Quitters Never Win!


The Dailey FRESH BREATH Tip: Chew on a clove or two (the whole ones, not ground) instead of gum/mints. The sugar alcohols & fake sugars found in many gums and mints can contribute to gas and bloating. Clove not only smells lovely and sort of exotic, it also happens to be great as an analgesic for tooth or gum pain. Those strong aromatic oils you smell? They not only dull pain but are antimicrobial as well and leave you with great breath.


CREATE your best week EVER!