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“90 % of the things you worry about, never happen. The other 10%, you can’t do anything about anyway. “

So why worry?!” This is your week to ACCELERATE! This task will be impossible if you are spending your precious time worrying out the things that are out of your control. What you CAN control: your THOUGHTS & your ACTIONS! Think the RIGHT things and ACT on them now! Don’t wait if you want to ACCELERATE!


The Dailey FOOD SENSITIVITY Tip: “Hidden food sensitivities can manifest symptoms completely outside of the gastrointestinal system. The most common examples of this are joint pain, headaches and itchy/rashy skin. If you’ve been struggling with issues like these for a while without help or relief, it could be time to turn your attention to what you are eating.” Dr. Jillian Teta


CRAZY, INSANE, AWESOME Hurricane workout in the am classes. I’m adding something NEW to the mix! Shame to see so few signed up for those classes! If you’re not signed up, you’re missing out! Your fellow class members just may ACCELERATE and leave you in the dust! Not a “regular” to Hurricanes (or any classes at Dailey Fitness)??? It’s time you TRIED something new! Call me ASAP & I will get you signed up for a class!


Move your needle this week! ACCELERATE! It’s TIME!