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“To say you want more of something, but you are unwilling to do what’s necessary to get it does not make you hopeful…it makes you DELUSIONAL!”

Let’s face it…how often have you said you really want to hit that goal weight, really want to reach that next fitness goal, really want to advance your career to a new level, or really want to make more money? Folks, it’s not enough to WANT it…you have to WORK for it. In fact, you are going to have to work harder than you have ever worked for it before. The “W.O.W.” = SACRIFICE. What is that “something” you want…and what are you willing to SACRIFICE to make it a reality? You’ve got to give more to get more! Don’t be delusional…be unstoppable!


The Dailey RECIPE Tip: Got a sweet tooth and no idea how to make your baked goodies BETTER for you? Check out this link with a great recipe from Food babe. Even if you aren’t into baking, the substitutions she recommends are great!


THIS FRIDAY!!!! PLEASE COME! FREE skin care clinic!

6-7pm @ the studio. Sign up online if you can make it, or just email me with a confirmation. ALL are welcome, so bring a friend, bring your teen that might need guidance, bring your spouse! Just need a head count…so please RSVP!

  • Licensed esthetician, Shanna McClanahan is coming in to educate us on all of the in’s & out’s when it comes to healthy skin! No sales pitches or gimmicks…just straight up great information that we can all use to keep the largest organ of the body in optimal condition! This is an open forum & great opportunity for Q&A! A few topics of discussion include: Skin Types & Conditions; OTC vs Cosmeceuticals; Ingredients to watch out for; Vitamins for Healthy skin; Home care; SPF explained; Benefits of Professional Treatments. Bring in your regular skin care products to find out how they may be helping (or hurting) your skin care efforts. ***There is a special offer for all attendees!!!


Happy HUMP Day!