Are you getting enough protein?

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Happy WEEKEND!!!!

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HUGE question & topic of discussion this week: Are you getting enough PROTEIN??? Most people AREN’T…especially if they are concerned with weight loss, muscle recovery & performance. Average rule of thumb:  .82 – 1g  of protein per 1lb of body weight is optimal daily requirement. Protein consumption necessary to repair muscles, improve recovery, and provide energy! (150 lb person would want to try to get 123-150 grams of protein daily). To get about 150g protein in a day, typical meals include the following protein sources. Keep in mind that protein does NOT have to come from an animal source (I am just recommending what the average meat eater might be thinking about-vegetarians & vegans…take no offense!). Beans, legumes, and many vegetables provide great protein…just be sure you are getting a complete protein to get the full benefits.

  • Breakfast – Greek yogurt, eggs -> about 15-30g protein
  • Lunch – 4 oz chicken, beef, or fish (added to a salad) or 8 oz lentils -> about 30g protein
  • Snacks – whey protein shake -> 23g protein
  • Dinner – 8 oz chicken, beef, or fish (usually with a sweet potato), beans add 12g or so -> 40g protein
  • About 2 to 3 hours after dinner (depending on your dinner time)– whey protein shake -> 23g protein

Keep in mind you should still load up on fruits & veggies at each meal…regardless. These protein sources listed are not suggesting a balanced meal/snack. This is simply a breakdown of how easy it is to get plenty of protein!

Hope this helps!


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