Can the sodas!!!

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Happy HUMP Day!

Hope you are LOVING the sunshine and warm temps! Soak it up and let it rejuvenate your mindset to accomplish something BIG today!


What’s crazy is 99.9% of people know exactly what they need to do but continue to make the same poor decisions.


soda-700x700The Dailey NUTRITION Tip: SKIP THE SODAS! (Regular AND Diet!) This sounds like a no brainer & something I think everyone knows they should do…yet I am amazed at how many folks still dump these chemicals down the hatch! I even see fitness trainers & nutrition experts doing it! (Are you KIDDING me?!) Think your soda isn’t toxic? Try pouring one on the hood of your car and let it sit. Most won’t try that because it might ruin the paint job…but they WILL pour it down their throats & into their bodies without worry. Here’s a great article that might get you thinking twice the next time you have a craving:


Eat Well,

Train HARD,