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Stress less, LAUGH MORE!!!

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“Laughter is a gift appreciated by every person on earth browse around this site.”

The theme at our dojo this month is LAUGHTER! Let’s face it, EVERYONE loves a good laugh! Laughter makes us feel good all over! And we don’t do it enough. We often take ourselves, and our situations way too seriously! Although it’s important to focus, & get serious about our goals & actions…it’s just as important to find humor in our mistakes, and to share a good laugh as often as possible! Laughter and negativity are both contagious…which one do YOU want to catch?!



We are SO fired up about our upcoming 8 week challenge! In fact, we have had quite a few applications sent in, and the program is over ½ way filled up! If you are considering this challenge, or have a friend that wants to do it…DON’T WAIT! The time is NOW to fill out the application & reserve a spot! Once we receive your application, we will call you ASAP to give you any details you need & get you ready to go!



Sat April 23! 10am-12pm… SWEAT FOR A CAUSE!!! 100% of the donations raised will go to Peacehaven Community Farm! (flyer attached!)

Charity Metabolic Event featuring a world class workout from 10:30-11:30am, food, music, & guest appearances from some of our favorite vendors! Peacehaven will even have a market here too!

Whether you want to workout, or just come out to cheer everyone on & support this wonderful cause…we hope to see you there!


Stress less, LAUGH MORE!

Happy Easter!

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Happy Easter!

What a perfect time for the “W.O.W.” (word of the week) to be GRATITUDE!

Easter is symbolic of life! As we celebrate the Easter holiday & all it stands for, spring is delivering new life all around us. If you are living, breathing, and reading this email…you have so much to be GRATEFUL for! It’s easy to think of all of the positives in your life & show gratitude for them, but be mindful & grateful for the obstacles too. Without struggles in your life, you wouldn’t appreciate the victories nearly as much. To enjoy great pleasures, we must endure the struggles.


We have an amazing FREE nutrition seminar this Tuesday, March 29th from 7-8pm!

Join us at Dailey Fitness/TFW Greensboro as holistic health & nutrition coach Jodie Gisser, gives us “THE SKINNY ON FAT”!

If you know you need to make better nutrition choices, this is an excellent opportunity to simplify nutrition! There is a lot of information out there, and it’s hard to sort through it to know what to do! In this seminar, we are going to learn how to do the simplest things really well to LIVE OUR BEST!


Warrior Nutrition Tip: EAT AVOCADOS!!! Speaking of healthy fats, avocados are not only great for you, but there are so many ways you can use them! I found this great article with some common, & not so common recipes! Maybe you will find a new one!

http://www singulair


Remember GRATITUDE this week, and use it to make this your best week ever!

What kind of RIPPLES do you make?

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“How people treat you is their karma. How you REACT is yours.” ~Wayne Dyer

What a great thought to push you forward into a new week. We will all face challenge & possibly discomfort this week, and some of it will be forced upon us by others. The good news is that you have a choice on how you receive & REACT to everything. Kill negativity with positivity, override the pessimist with optimism, & practice kindness no matter what! There is a “ripple effect” with everything you do. The “good stuff” can make just as many ripples as the “bad stuff”…so be sure you’re making the right kind of ripples!


The WARRIOR Nutrition Tip: RAW ORGANIC HONEY…to help you sleep better?! Indeed! There are multiple health benefits of eating raw honey. (be sure it is in fact RAW-which is different from most store bought honey!) Check out this article to learn more about the benefits of raw honey AND how it can help you get a better night’s rest!


Don’t forget! NUTRITION SEMINAR with Jodie Gisser on Tues March 29th! 7-8pm. She’s going to give us “THE SKINNY ON FAT”, and answer some of your burning questions! Please RSVP so we can save you a spot! This is a FREE seminar and you are welcome to bring guests!


RIPPLES…remember the RIPPLES you create this week!


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“Success is not final, failure is not fatal; it is the courage to continue that counts.”



Do you want to reach a big goal, I mean a REALLY big goal? What’s stopping you?! Here’s a little secret…you can achieve ANYTHING you set out to do if you dig deep and stick with it! Don’t give up when it gets hard. Don’t back down when you are faced with obstacles. It’s going to take courage and conviction to push forward sometimes, but the end result is worth it! YOU ARE WORTH IT!


The Dailey WARRIOR Nutrition top: Ask yourself this question: HOW MUCH IS YOUR HEALTH WORTH?! You see, most people say it is too expensive to spend $5 on local fresh eggs, or think that spending that same amount on fresh organic berries, apples, or vegetables is too much. However, those same people will drop $5 on a sugar filled latte-mocha, or will drop even more going through the drive through to get lunch/dinner. The next time you catch yourself scrimping on foods that will nourish your body from a cellular level…take note of something you are spending too much money on that is hurting your health & keeping you from living your best.



TUESDAY March 29 7-8pm

Dailey Fitness/TFW Greensboro teaming up with Jodie Gisser for an awesome nutrition seminar: “The Skinny on Fat”!

This is a FREE seminar and guests are welcome to come! Be sure to reserve your spot!


It’s time to CRUSH this week ahead of us!


Do your BEST today!

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Hello Weekend WARRIORS!

“The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.” -H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

The new week is upon us. How are you preparing for it? Procrastination is your enemy. Do something today that will move you closer to your goals tomorrow!


The WARRIOR Nutrition Tip: Know your serving sizes!!! It’s really easy to overconsume. Labels can be misleading. They list the calories/fat/sugars, etc. by “per serving”, however the # of servings in the container is listed at the top. For instance, a 32 ounce drink  may claim to have a 150 calories listed on the label. However, the serving size may be 8 ounces…so if you drink the whole bottle (4 servings), you have quadrupled your caloric intake (& everything else listed on the label too)!


CREATE your best week ever!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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“Don’t wait for EXTRAORDINARY opportunities. Seize common occasions and make them great. Weak men wait for opportunities; strong men make them.” ~Orison Swett Marden

It’s the “W.O.W.” (word of the week)…EXTRAORDINARY! Let this words resonate in everything you do this week. Seize every opportunity to put the EXTRA into the ordinary!



Did you know that consumers will spend 18.9 BILLION dollars on Valentine’s Day? Of that, 58 MILLION pounds of chocolate will be purchased during the week of Valentine’s Day…most of which are chocolates made of questionable ingredients! What says “I LOVE YOU” more than making your own chocolate?!

Here’s a MUST TRY recipe:





How’s your ENTHUSIASM?!

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“Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm” ~Ralph Waldo Emerson


This is SO important! Think about enthusiasm like a fire. If a fire starts on the top floor of a building, the people on the floors below (especially at the bottom floor) won’t be too worried. But if that same fire starts on the ground floor, everyone will spring into action, scrambling to get that fire put out. Enthusiasm is much like that fire on the bottom floor. Enthusiasm breeds energy! And guess what…Ralph is right! Nothing great is ever achieved without ENTHUSIASM! Even if you’re not feeling it…fake it till you make it! You will feed off of the others around you that catch it, and before you know it you will be ON FIRE too!

WARRIOR Nutrition Tip: DO YOU KNOW the WARRIOR 20 list?!?! This is a list of foods that have been carefully selected based on the nutritional content including vitamins, antioxidants, fiber, protein, & healthy fat to fuel your body from a cellular level to perform at an optimal level. If just eat from this list, your health will improve. Maybe your choose 1 lose 1 for the month is to LOSE eating packaged/processed foods & CHOOSE to only eat from this list! Check out the Dailey Fitness Facebook page this week for some great recipes!


Feb 1, pick ONE bad habit that is holding you back from your goals in life…and LOSE IT for the month! CHOOSE to replace it with ONE good habit that you know you should practice. Write this down and post it where you will see it! Post it on the wall at the DOJO! Have people keep you accountable. They say it only takes 21 days to change a habit…and there are 28 days in this month! CRUSH IT!



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“Opportunities do not come with their values stamped upon them.” ~Maltbie Babcock

Some opportunities are clear as day when you encounter them. However, many opportunities may not seem to have great value until the moment of reflection, when you can look back and realize the greatness associated with GOING FOR IT! Remember that you may never know the full value of your opportunities until your life is forever changed from taking action.


The WARRIOR Nutrition Tip: You have a choice when grocery shopping, preparing your meals, & dining out. You can choose to buy healthy foods, or you can buy unhealthy foods. Eating right is just as easy eating wrong…it’s a CHOICE. Therefore, reaching your health & wellness goals is also a choice! Eat to LIVE, & move towards your goals…or live to EAT, and at the very best stay exactly where you are. What’s your CHOICE?


Don’t wait for OPPORTUNITY, SEIZE it!

What’s your PLAN?!?!

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“You can’t choose your potential, but you can choose to fulfill it.” ~ Teddy Roosevelt

If you want to fulfill & live to your full potential, take small steps every day to explore & pay attention to the things that fascinate you & give you energy. Be willing to let go of fear by facing it head on. And be willing to accept that you deserve to live your best! You owe it to yourself to be happy, strong, and healthy! Take ACTION, today…and every day!


The WARRIOR Nutrition Tip: Make fruits and vegetables your #1 carbohydrate! You need carbs to sustain energy. Feel free to eliminate the processed carbs now & forever, but keep fruits and veggies plentiful in your nutrition plan!!!



This time of year, many folks are trying new things such as detoxes, paleo diets, supplemental weight loss drinks/pills/diet plans, cleanses, etc. If you have jumped on a band wagon of these sorts…I hope you are learning about your body & what is working/not working and truly listening to your body. No matter what you might be trying I have one question that you need to take into consideration: “WHAT’S YOUR PLAN WHEN IT ENDS?”. When the 10 day, 30 day, 90 days are up….what happens on the next day? All of the above mentioned “diets” have a beginning and an end. The reasons diets never work long term, is because once it’s over…there is no plan and you eventually go back to the same foods & habits. I challenge you to come up with a plan that is sustainable, and realistic to continue for LIFE.  Remember that any kind of “diet” is a short term solution to a long term problem. Feel free to kick start better nutrition as drastically as you must…just have a plan of action in place so you can continue to EAT TO LIVE for the rest of your life!


FOCUS….and CREATE your best week ever!