DEMAND MORE from yourself!

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“Want to be more successful? Try demanding more from yourself and less from other people.” ~James Blackburn (TFW affiliate, Trinton Falls, NJ)

It’s way easier to place blame on others when YOU don’t achieve what you set out to do. Bottom line is that the ONLY things you CAN control are your own thoughts, actions, and reactions! If you are surrounding yourself with those who hold you back…find a new TEAM! If you’re surrounded by supportive people & still falling short, then it’s time to DEMAND MORE from yourself, give up the excuses & get it done!


It’s officially the middle of the month! How are those goals, and specifically the “choose one-lose one” habits you vowed to gain/lose for the month of July? Although 15 days are behind you for the month…you still have 16 days to turn things around! The odds are IN your favor! Remember, EVERYTHING in this life…until death…is a choice! Your outcome is a direct result of the choices you make. Choose wisely!


Dailey NUTRITION Tip: Sugar is 8x more ADDICTIVE than cocaine! 8x!!!!!! Wondering why you can’t sleep, you’re hungry all the time, have anxiety, can’t lose weight, struggle through your workouts…etc??? You might be a junkie! Seek help! J