Do what you KNOW!!!

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“Winners are losers who gave it one more try.” ~Dennis DeYoung



Hope you are CRUSHING your goals this week, and taking MORE steps in a positive direction to becoming your BEST!


FOOD FOR THOUGHT: If being in the best shape (mentally & physically) was easy…our world would be a different place. Truth is, it takes work. Every day. Constantly evaluating your choices, acknowledging/owning it when you make poor ones—and taking ACTION to make better ones each day. Fact: it is no HARDER to eat good food than to eat the bad stuff…it takes the exact same amount of energy to eat healthy foods as it does to eat unhealthy foods. It comes down to the choice…and the decision you have to make to move yourself closer to your goals, or further away…at any given moment in the 168 hours you have been blessed with each week.


Today’s challenge: DO WHAT YOU KNOW!!!

You KNOW that you need to exercise…so DO IT! You KNOW you need to eat healthy foods (& you even know what they are!)…so don’t put crap in the hole under your nose! You KNOW you need to get 7-8 hours of sleep tonight…so go to bed early enough to make that happen!

Remember…it’s all about the choices you make. Not getting the results you want? Make different choices immediately…and get them!


(Finnish word meaning = You’ve GOT THIS!)