Do you have SISU?!?!

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“SISU begins where perseverance & grit end. It is the ‘second wind’ of mental toughness, after the individual has reached the limits of their observed mental or physical capacities.” ~Emilia Lahti


The “W singulair allergy.O.W.” (word of the week) = SISU!

This word comes from Finland and represents the attitude to never quit, to never surrender, and to keep pushing forward. It’s a “YES” attitude! This word is one of the TFW core values, and part of the compass that guides our program & separates us from the rest! Finland is a country draped in darkness 9 months out of the year. Having SISU, a constant positive attitude, is essential to survive against the mind and threat of depression. We all deal with darkness…for it is human. Having SISU can often be difficult, but without it our challenges are daunting!


Warrior HEALTH Tip: Embrace Essential oils! There are tremendous health benefits, starting with protecting the largest organ of your body…the skin! With winter quickly approaching, and lots of irritants that will wreak havoc on our skin, here is a great article to help you decipher if essential oils might be right for you!


SISU my friends…SISU!