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“If it doesn’t scare you…it’s not a big enough dream.” ~Kristine K. Stevens

DREAM BIGGER…and use PERSISTENCE to make it happen! I don’t know about you, but I have a couple of hefty dreams brewing right now. What about YOU?! Are you playing it safe and sticking to the dreams and goals you know you can’t fail at…or are you putting yourself out there and taking a risk? You never know what you are capable of unless you leave the comfort zone and TRY!


The Dailey NUTRITION Tip: I always buy organic when possible, but some foods are cleaner than others without buying organic. (Keep in mind that non-organic may mean GMO though!) Here’s a list to help you out!

DIRTY DOZEN (buy these organic!)

  • Celery  * Peaches * Strawberries * Apples * Blueberries * nectarines * bell peppers * spinach * cherries * Kale & collards * potatoes * grapes

CLEAN 15 (may be GMO, but less pesticides)

  • Onions * Avocado * sweet corn * pineapple * mangoes * sweet peas * asparagus * kiwi * cabbage * eggplant * cantaloupe * watermelon * grapefruit * sweet potato * Honeydew melon


STUDIO NEWS: Don’t forget the 9:30am class has been changed to 9:00am on Thursday 7/3!!! We also have ONE class on July 4 @ 9:30! Join Katie for the “Freedom” workout (because you are FREE to move!) No Saturday classes this week!