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Happy SUNday!

I am super excited to reveal a MAJOR loss last week! Our TEAM cumulatively lost 35.3 lbs!!! (there are still 3 people that have not weighed in-so this # may change!) BIG congrats to everyone who moved their needle in the right direction! EVERY pound is a BIG DEAL! Losing weight ain’t easy! If you didn’t get the change you were hoping for last week, I challenge you to look closer at your food intake. Be HONEST! Did you eat as clean as you could have? Did you still keep the packaged & processed foods in the mix? Were your portions on target…or maybe a little more than they should have been? Did you drink enough WATER?


SUPER STAR ALERT! I’m so PROUD of our team member Laurie Benko who lost 8.6 lbs last week! Want to know how???

  • Eliminated wheat/gluten from diet
  • Eliminated dairy
  • Worked out 5 times last week!

Want BIG results…make BIG changes! Who’s going to be this week’s SUPER STAR???? It could be YOU!


WEEK 2 of the Mind & Body RESET is here! Continue to perfect your nutrition. Keep eating from the TOP 20 list! (Expand that list to include MORE fresh fruits & veggies!).

This week we are going to DRINK MORE WATER! If you can’t tell me exactly how many ounces you have had yet today…you are not getting enough. Half of your body weight in ounces is great…and for many will be a HUGE increase. I CHALLENGE you to use this formula: body weight x .033 = # of liters you need to consume every day. (33 ounces in a liter!) Is it HARD to drink that much? Yes! Is it IMPOSSIBLE? No! Keep a water bottle with you all day. Leave one in your car, at your desk, in your gym bag, etc. KEEP TRACK of how much you are drinking every day this week. I’m gonna be asking!


LOTS of nutrition tips coming your way this week! In the meantime, I need YOUR help! I need empty food/beverage containers from your everyday life. I’m putting a little project together to help everyone understand the impact of what we put in the hole under our nose! I need those empty yogurt cups, cereal boxes, Gatorade/energy drink bottles, juice/soda bottles, pasta sauce jars/cans, etc. If it has a package, I want it! No judgment!


The Dailey Thought…

“Your skill has less to do with natural talent or resources than it does with where you BALANCE a majority of your energy and time.” ~ Martin Rooney