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Happy Friday Dailey Fitness Warriors!

Another AMAZING week has flown by! As you wind down the week, reflect back at your victories from the week. Did you reach all of the goals you set for yourself? If you fell short, can you identify what held you back so that you can attack that next week so you soar ahead?


There is no QUESTION that you are going to face challenges. The option you select when you meet them, however, will give you the ANSWER about where your life is going…”BEING CHALLENGED IN LIFE IS INEVITABLE, BEING DEFEATED IS OPTIONAL”!


The Dailey NUTRITION Tip: EAT AMARANTH! This little seed was a staple in the Aztec diet, and a phenomenal source of nutrition! It’s PACKED with fiber, is a complete protein all by itself, & is naturally gluten free! Amaranth is a powerhouse when it comes to nutrients and good for vegans too! Amaranth has an earthy, nutty flavor and can be cooked and used in breads to give a boost of nutrition and a crunchy texture. Try popped amaranth for a unique breakfast cereal. Amaranth can also be cooked as porridge, used to make polenta or added to soups. If you like gardening, try planting a few amaranth seeds in your yard. The amaranth flower is truly breathtaking.



  • 2 seats left in the spin class tomorrow @ 8:30am!  Grab one while you can!
  • Only 3 signed up for Fit & Flex with me at 10!!!  C’Mon folks! I don’t get to teach many Saturdays anymore…show me some LOVE & sign up!


Whatever your weekend plans may be…ENJOY each day as if it were your last!