Empty your cup!

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Your Dailey Thought…

“You will never win if you never begin.” ~Helen Rowland


WooHoo!!! CONGRATS to everyone who began a new chapter in their journey towards total health 6 weeks ago with the Mind & Body RESET! Today is the final day for this 6 week reset…but the journey continues FOREVER! Now the real challenge is to keep DOING WHAT YOU KNOW and get better every day!


The Dailey IMPROVEMENT Tip: EMPTY YOUR CUP! What happens when you try to fill a cup past its capacity? It overflows. If you want to put MORE in the cup, you will have to empty some out first. Same with your mind. You cannot learn something if you think you already know it. If your “cup” is already overflowing with stuff you know…you can’t receive anything else. Be willing to empty yourself out to be able to put more in. For instance…If you already “know” all you need to know about diet & exercise, but you still can’t reach your goal weight or desired fitness level…be willing to empty your “cup” of knowledge up to this point and allow room for new ideas and concepts. There is never one single BEST solution for anything…but there is always a BETTER one out there than what you’re doing…and you will never find it if you don’t have room in your “cup” for it!

ALWAYS getting better!