Friday the 13th!!!

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TGIF…the 13th !!!!

Before we head into the weekend, take time to reflect on the accomplishments & even failures from the week. CELEBRATE your victories…don’t let them go unnoticed. You earned them! Let the failures serve to be the successes of the future. Never give up! It is my experience that right when people are about to give up is exactly when the big progress was about to happen. Did you stop trying to learn to walk or ride a bike after falling a few times? Can you imagine if Thomas Edison stopped one attempt shy in making the light bulb? What if Bill Gates decided that programming as a high school student was just too tough? What if Michael Jordan gave up when he didn’t make the basketball team his first tryout? The only true failure is giving up all together!


TOMORROW…SATURDAY…There are a few spots left in BOTH classes! 8:30am Dailey RPM (spin) & 10am Fit & Flex! Check the online schedule for details and SIGN UP! A great workout is the PERFECT way to start the day & get rid of the extra Holiday stress!


Your Dailey thought…

“I am always doing what which I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do it.” ~Picasso


Have an AMAZING weekend filled with PURPOSE!