Ger your mind RIGHT!

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“Whether you think you CAN or you CAN’T, you’re right.” ~Henry Ford


The mind is our most powerful tool…it’s a weapon! The sad thing is that many people don’t use it to their full potential, or even worse…they WASTE IT with negative thoughts! This week, fill your mind with positive thoughts. Surround yourself with positive energy. Let go of a limiting belief system that is holding you back from reaching YOUR full potential!


Warrior NUTRITION Update:

Join us Wed @ 7pm for the “Sugar Blues” nutrition workshop!  Jodie Gisser will give you the “skinny” on how sugar is affecting your health, and how you can take small steps each day to curb your sugar cravings to help you reach your ideal body weight, feel more energized, and live your BEST!  It’s absolutely FREE…so bring a friend and JOIN THE RESISTANCE to help us combat the food industry that is poisoning our society!!!


CREATE a great week!