Get comfortable BEING uncomfortable!

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“You will never get far in life until you can get comfortable BEING uncomfortable”!


We’ve been living by this mantra at the DF studio long BEFORE our doors opened & we were meeting up in local parks! This week has certainly been a good testament of this concept for EVERYONE who has stepped foot inside for a workout! Some have embraced the concept graciously, others with resistance…but ALL have grown from testing the boundaries (both mentally & physically)! Hey, stepping out of the comfort zone is HARD. There’s potential “risk”. There’s always the uncertain thought of “what if I can’t do it?”. Whether it’s in the gym, your career, your hobbies, your relationships…you will never know how much you are capable of until you take that pledge to “get comfortable being uncomfortable”! Take a chance…I promise you that the magic will happen when you leave that comfort zone!


Tomorrow is Friday! If you are participating in the 6 week Mind & Body Reset…it’s WEIGH-IN day!!! As I have overheard lots of talk about changes being made with nutrition & exercise this week…I am betting we see some INSANE numbers on the scale tomorrow. Don’t dread it! Get EXCITED about it! You’ve worked HARD…RIGHT?! Last week’s in-studio total loss was 42.5 lbs!! I put a BET on the Dailey Fitness Facebook page yesterday…and NO TAKERS! (find the post and place your bet!) I’m taking bets on what the WEEK 2 total loss will be this week. Whoever gets the closest guess WINS a super special prize! Gotta to the page & place your bet on there to win!!!


The Dailey Health Tip: COCONUT OIL!!! LOTS of great benefits for using coconut oil, but here’s one you may not have thought of. Coconut oil is rich in medium chain triglycerides, which act as an important fuel source for the body. It contains antimicrobial compounds that help keep bad guys at bay in the GI tract and beyond and as a healthy fat, ensures good gut motility and that things are moving in the right direction. My favorites ways to use coconut oil are to sauté veggies, cook eggs or in baked goods. This great tip from Dr. Jillian Teta in Winston Salem! You can check out her new book “Natural Solutions for Digestive Health” for more great tips like this one!


Who’s ready for FUN FRIDAY?!?!