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“Your life will not be measured by all of the great things you started but by the few of those you finished.” ~Martin Rooney


The “W.O.W.” is FOCUS!!! When you attack too many tasks, projects, concepts, or goals at one time…no matter how GREAT they could be,  they will never truly be GREAT until you see them to the finish. Instead of trying to be great at EVERYTHING, this week, just try being great at one or two things. Maybe this week you drink MORE water (or even better-drink ONLY water). Or maybe this week you attack your nutrition and only put great REAL foods in your body (no processed, fast, low-fat/non-fat, high sugar foods). Or…maybe THIS is the week you put 110% of your BEST into your exercise program. Whatever it is you choose to be GREAT at this week…stay FOCUSED. Simplify and do a few things exceptionally well instead of many things done mediocre!


LOTS happening this week at the studio!

  • Don’t forget NO 6am class tomorrow (Monday) But ALL others are ON…so sign up now to get FOCUSED on your workouts for the week!
  • FRIDAY WORKSHOP! Thai Yoga Massage @ 6pm is one you DON’T want to miss! Unless you get weekly body work/massage, you NEED this workshop! Bring a guest or come solo, and learn how to GIVE this amazing style of body work. It’s FREE, and we are even tying in a social afterwards to make it even MORE fun! Sign up required so we will know how many tables to set up. Just go to the online signup under “Events” for 1/24/14 and sign up! If you have any questions, please contact me ASAP!
  • CRAZY ENERGY! Man-o-MAN! I am pumped up after an awesome weekend being motivated and educated by one of the industry’s BEST, Martin Rooney! Whether you are a weekly regular, or want to drop-in…this is going to be an incredible week…for ALL of us!

Get your mindset RIGHT! Monday is coming whether you like it or not. BE READY for it! Make it your BEST week!