Go INTO THE ROAR this week!

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“If you can find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn’t lead anywhere.” ~Frank A Clark

The challenge this week…go INTO THE ROAR!!! Run towards the thing you fear MOST! What change do you know you NEED to make to push you closer to your goals, but maybe you are afraid to make it? That is your ROAR this week. When we only make “convenient” changes, we limit our growth capacity. You want to BE more…DO more! …into the ROAR baby!


WARRIOR Nutrition Tip: GO TO BED EARLY!!! It is a fact that you can reap many benefits (nutritional & overall) from hormone release with adequate sleep. When you cut your sleep time short, your body doesn’t have a chance to release these hormones…diminishing your results when it comes to total health, weight loss & weight maintenance.


It’s a BEAUTIFUL sunny Sunday afternoon! You were granted 86,400 seconds today. Be sure to take one of them to give thanks and be GRATEFUL for all of them!

Get ready for an EXTRAORDINARY week!