Got DIET COKE? Hope not!

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Tipsy Tuesday!

Since SUGAR is the focus of the week, let’s not forget how the “sugar free” & “low calorie” beverages wreak havoc on our health & fitness goals!!!

“DIET COKE” lovers beware!!!

This info is old hat & I’ve been preaching about this demon for years…and I am always shocked at how many of my students, friends, & family who STILL suck it down daily! There’s not ONE good soda/diet soda out there. My advice…find another vice! Remember, just because it’s 100 calories doesn’t meant it’s good. 100 calories of poison will still KILL YOU!


Your Dailey Thought…

“Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you CAN do.” ~John Wooden

Leave the “t” off of the word “can’t” and what are you left with??? CAN! Eliminate “can’t” from your vocabulary and do everything in your power to eat nutritious food, drink more water, work out, and REST!!!