Happy Cinco De Mayo!!!

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In honor of this pseudo holiday…I bet many of you will be indulging in a Mexican feast of sorts today/tonight! Might I urge you to MAKE YOUR OWN! Check out this article enlightening us of exactly what Taco Bell’s ingredients are. What’s to remember is that sure they are getting picked apart here, but most of the restaurants use the same stuff! Read all the way to the bottom of the article and check out the links posted for some great recipes you can make at home!



The Dailey RECOVERY Tip: If you find yourself struggling to recover from your workouts or that the back to back workouts here at the studio completely drain you…you’re not over training…you simply aren’t taking your pre & post workout fueling seriously enough! Our training at the studio is intended to include back to back training days-safely. Want to make MORE of your workouts? Here are 2 rules of thumb that CANNOT be overlooked if you want to reach goals:

1)     NEVER train on empty! What you put in your body before you workout is essential to keep your energy levels up throughout the hour & to promote the best performance. How far will your car go on empty? Your body no different.

2)     ALWAYS have your post–workout fuel in the car ready to consume as soon as you leave! (or put it in the fridge in the studio!) Your window of time to get an easy to digest protein/carb into your body after a workout is about 15 minutes for best results. By the time you get in your car, drive home, & prepare something you have already missed it!

“It’s not the will to win that matters—everyone has that, it’s the will to prepare to win that matters.” ~Paul “Bear” Bryant