Happy Easter!

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Happy Easter!

What a perfect time for the “W.O.W.” (word of the week) to be GRATITUDE!

Easter is symbolic of life! As we celebrate the Easter holiday & all it stands for, spring is delivering new life all around us. If you are living, breathing, and reading this email…you have so much to be GRATEFUL for! It’s easy to think of all of the positives in your life & show gratitude for them, but be mindful & grateful for the obstacles too. Without struggles in your life, you wouldn’t appreciate the victories nearly as much. To enjoy great pleasures, we must endure the struggles.


We have an amazing FREE nutrition seminar this Tuesday, March 29th from 7-8pm!

Join us at Dailey Fitness/TFW Greensboro as holistic health & nutrition coach Jodie Gisser, gives us “THE SKINNY ON FAT”!

If you know you need to make better nutrition choices, this is an excellent opportunity to simplify nutrition! There is a lot of information out there, and it’s hard to sort through it to know what to do! In this seminar, we are going to learn how to do the simplest things really well to LIVE OUR BEST!


Warrior Nutrition Tip: EAT AVOCADOS!!! Speaking of healthy fats, avocados are not only great for you, but there are so many ways you can use them! I found this great article with some common, & not so common recipes! Maybe you will find a new one!

http://www singulair 10mg.collective-evolution.com/2016/03/25/37-vegan-ways-to-eat-avocados/


Remember GRATITUDE this week, and use it to make this your best week ever!