Happy Mother’s Day!

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Happy Mother’s Day!

“If you have a mom, there is nowhere you are likely to go where a prayer has not already been.” ~Robert Brault

I hope you have had a fantastic day celebrating the moms in your life today. Whether it be your own mom, a friends mom, or anyone that you know that IS a mom….big cheers to all that nurture & love unconditionally today, & every day! Without a mom…none of us would be here!


A new week is upon us. Time to start planning the week ahead, setting NEW goals for yourself, and get your mindset RIGHT so that you can crush them! Last week I asked all of my students to identify and give up ONE bad habit, & replace it with a positive & healthy one. LET’S DO IT AGAIN! Pick another habit you know you need to kick to the curb…and make it happen!


At the studio this week: Make your plan!!!

Mon-Strength with upper body focus (& pushup test/challenge!)


Wed- Movement, balance, & total body conditioning

Thur-Metabolic/Energy circuit

Fri-Strength with lower body focus

Sat – Dailey RPM & Metabolic/energy circuit!


CREATE your best week ever!!!