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Happy New Year!!!!

Cheers to 2014, and a brand new year ahead of us to GET IT RIGHT!

Your health, fitness, & financial situation in 2013 had much less to do with WHAT you know than it did with DOING what you know! Let’s face it, we all KNOW the difference between good and bad foods. We all KNOW what constitutes a job well done. We all KNOW that regular exercise is important for overall health. We KNOW that we need rest. KNOWING what to do is rarely the problem.


If you struggle to eat well, get regular exercise, aren’t fulfilling your career goals, or reaching your full potential in life…my advice to you for 2014 is to make significant changes IMMEDIATELY!

In fact, I can guarantee that if for the next month you only put HEALTHY foods in the hole under your nose…move for a minimum of 30 minutes (until you get a good sweat!)…and deliver MORE than is expected at work (until at least 3 people comment on how good you are)…You will see change.


Do what you have to do to gain momentum NOW! Knowing what to do, without action, is useless knowledge. Make this year YOUR YEAR to “DO WHAT YOU KNOW”!


Tomorrow…regular class & 1-1 training schedule resumes at the studio! I can’t WAIT to get moving & start the year STRONG! Whether you do it with me at the studio, at your own gym, with another trainer, or on your own…just DO WHAT YOU KNOW tomorrow and get moving!