Happy St. Patty’s Day!

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Happy St. Patty’s Day!!!

In honor of the day…celebrate by consuming GREEN all day! Not with green beers either! I challenge you to put as many GREEN fruits & veggies in your body as possible today! Make a green smoothie with fresh spinach or kale! Eat Kiwi fruit! Make BROCCOLI the side dish of choice for tonight’s dinner! What’s your favorite GREEN?


Your Dailey thought…

“Set your goals and make them public. Running your goals up the flagpole leads to far better results than flying in whatever direction the wind takes you.” ~Martin Rooney

Dream + Deadline = Goal. Everyone has wishes and dreams. The path from simple ownership to attainment is to attach a deadline to them. Set your goals today if you haven’t already! DOn’t waIT!!!


Week 4 baby!! What is your goal for THIS week? Remember, “Make the most important thing THE most important thing!” FOCUS on it!