How do the chapters of your life read?

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Thoughtful Thursday…Your life is your book. How do your chapters read???

Chapter 1.
I was on my way to work one day strolling down the street and didn’t notice that there was a hole in the ground, I fall in. It takes awhile to get out. “Not my fault, it came out of nowhere.”

Chapter 2.
I walk down the same street. I fall in the same hole again. It still takes awhile to get out. “Pretty silly of me to fall in that same hole again but still, not my fault, they should really get this damn whole filled.”

Chapter 3.
I walk down the same street. I fall in the hole again. I get out immediately. “It’s definitely becoming a habit, I don’t think they’re going to fill this. It is my fault.”

Chapter 4.
I walk down the same street and see the hole. I walk around it.

Chapter 5.
I walk down a different street.

  • We all have holes in our lives that we are repeatedly stepping or even falling into. This could be work, diet, relationship, etc. related. Most of the time those holes never get filled.
  • Mission: Your goal for today should be to simply address what those holes are in your life. Start with one aspect of your life first rather than trying to conquer everything at once.
  • While today you will simply walk around them start working on a different route to avoid that street all together. The best part about you reading this right now is that there are still so many chapters left to write and it’s never too late.

You are the person that writes the chapters in your book, nobody else!


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