How do you become GREAT?!

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Happy Monday!

What an AWESOME day! Weather is fantastic! First class of the day CRUSHED the sprint/Tabata workout (most are NOT runners by choice & the all left with huge smiles on their faces)! I witnessed a HUGE victory with one of my long time students who’s on a serious weight loss MISSION & she weighed in at the lowest # we have seen on her in at least 5 years! And… I have gotten a couple of wonderful personal emails from other students sharing thanks & good vibes. Does it get any better? Checking out the lineup for the last class of the day & 11 signed up…the potential is limitless!


The Dailey Health Tip: Got High Blood Pressure? Here are a few foods you should be eating to help lower it: Kiwi fruit, raisins, purple potatoes, garlic, bananas, watermelon, hawthorn berries, hibiscus, & dark chocolate. Organic whenever possible for all of these foods to avoid chemical pesticides & GMO’s!


The Dailey “WARRIOR” Tip: Want to be known for doing something GREAT? Simple process. Take on a great challenge this week and see it through. But there is the alternative: Remember the name of that person that always took the easy way out? Yeah, I don’t remember them either…


“One small way to be GREAT is to take on things bigger than you are.” ~Martin Rooney


You CAN do it!!