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What a GREAT week!!! The RESET is working! There is constant chatter in the studio before/after classes & training sessions about how people are feeling what they have given up, what NEW recipe they have tried. Only one week in, and I have witnessed some IMPRESSIVE change! From weight loss-improved energy-increased stamina to better effort with form/technique….it’s ALL happened here at the studio this week. I’ve even had some double takes today as I am looking at the #’s from the weigh-in’s so far today! HOLY COW! Stay tuned for a final tally of lbs lost for the week and the highlighted BIGGEST LOSER of the week! (I’m sharing their secrets!) You’re gonna be shocked! ***I can’t get the final tally without everyone’s numbers! Email/call/text me ASAP if you can’t make it to the studio today!


I’m getting some “RESISTANCE” about giving up some long time food sources because you are learning something is not as GOOD for you as you thought. Listen, I GET IT! Learning your valiant efforts from the past to live healthy have now been squashed because you found out that your favorite go-to breakfast is loaded with chemicals, sugars, and other ingredients might be THE reason you can’t lose weight- is disheartening! Learning that the little packet of “fun” you are dumping into your water bottle to help you consume more water & kick the diet soda habit…IS JUST AS TOXIC as the soda…SUCKS! Finding out your favorite loaf of bread has an ingredient in it that is also used in YOGA mats/flip flops…pisses you off! Seriously…yoga mat sandwiches?


Don’t be defeated with new knowledge…be ENLIGHTENED by it. It’s HARD to change. If we truly want to see change…we must initiate it. The point of this RESET is to get you thinking OUTSIDE of the box (literally). If what you were doing already was working…you wouldn’t likely be doing the RESET. I’m simply challenging you to alter your behaviors to see if you get a different result. The “RESISTANCE” should be against the food industry & lack of labeling regulations that is poisoning us and making us fat, sick, & deprived of energy. JOIN THE RESISTANCE!!!!!


Your Dailey Thought…

“It’s amazing how a little tomorrow can make up for a whole lot of yesterday.” ~John Guare


TOMORROW: FIT & FLEX @ 10-11:15am at the studio is going to be a combination of a great interactive workout combined with a balancing effects of FLEX, all in one class. Only 6 spots left – get your spot while there still IS one!


Have a GREAT weekend folks!