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ACCELERATION means GOING THE DISTANCE! These words enforce our motto of “LAST SET = BEST SET” at the studio! Pushing a little harder in that last set brings great victory, but quitting just before the last rep leaves you feeling defeated!

“The more worthwhile the accomplishment, the more groundwork it requires. Often, the first 80% of effort toward a particular goal, gets you only 20% of desired results. And then the final 20% of the total effort brings you the additional 80% of the way there. Results ACCELERATE as you approach your goal, so by all means keep on going. That last 20% of the effort is crucial. It makes the difference between success and failure. Achievement comes to those who can go the distance despite the initial discouragement. Quitting a six week project after five weeks of work, gets you nothing. Working that extra week gets you everything. The additional effort is only incremental, yet the additional reward is enormous. You’re almost there — keep going. A little bit of extra effort makes all the difference in the world.” ~Ralph Marston


The Dailey RECIPE: Here ya go TURKEY LOVERS! This one’s for you!


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