Lessons from a dog…

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“In the confrontation between the stream and the rock, the stream always wins, not through strength but by perseverance.”

~H. Jackson Brown

Let PERSEVERANCE help you WIN the week by attacking your goals and reaching new personal records with anything you set out to do! Expect obstacles to fall in your path. Don’t let them stop you. Just like the stream…FIND A WAY over, under, or around them!


The WARRIOR Nutrition Tip: WATCH YOUR PORTIONS! 2 tablespoons = a golf ball size portion! This is the recommended amount of peanut butter per serving. Careful not to spoon out too much!


As some of you have already learned, Dailey Fitness/TFW-Greensboro has suffered a tremendous loss over the weekend. We had to say goodbye to Otis, our WARRIOR mascot, that without a doubt took on challenge after challenge & PERSEVERED with no complaints! Although many tears have been shed, and the gym won’t be the same without Otis…I hope we can ALL emulate a few things from him:

  • ALWAYS come to work (& the gym!) with a smile & tail wagging! POSITIVE ENERGY is CONTAGIOUS!
  • NEVER turn down a good treat! (& the healthier the treats, the longer you will live to enjoy them!)
  • Know when to listen attentively, and when to make your voice heard! Doing both well will ensure that when you speak, they always know it’s something they need to hear & when you are listening, you are giving your undivided attention!
  • PLAY!!! No matter how sick, tired, or feeble you might become in this life…PLAY every chance you get! It will keep your spirit ALIVE!


Life is filled with challenges of all shapes, sizes, and magnitudes. True success in life comes from how you push past these challenges. The game is won by the player that can keep coming back, no matter what!