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“Align your DOING with your BEING. Commit to what you love in a way that makes a daily positive impact. Living with purpose and passion, spreading personal expansion.” ~ Peter Twist

GREAT wisdom to start this week. Are you DOING the things that fueling your passions in life, the things that represent who you are at your deepest level? Are you living each day with purpose, or simply going through the motions? MONDAY is the perfect day to start the week fresh, strong, and with PURPOSE!

The Dailey WARRIOR Nutrition Tip: How many shakes in a day would be too many? In other words how much of the DRI should come from food and how much should come from supplements?

If you were unable to meet your protein needs with food for some reason and are considering a protein supplement than I would consider how much your intake is currently lacking. and supplement accordingly. Nutrition powders and drinks can help provide some of these nutrients but they are not recommended as a total substitute for food, as they lack some of the vitamins, minerals, fiber and phytonutrients found in whole foods and sometimes fall short on fat and carbohydrates. I would encourage everyone to get protein and other nutrients from food so ideally 100% of the DRI should come from food. (information provided by licensed nutritionist Mona Bostic, Food Matters 365 – )

SAVE THE DATE! Sat December 5th 10:30am-2pm!

We are excited to host our first ever HOLIDAY OPEN HOUSE at our new DOJO…and we want to PACK THE HOUSE!

There will be a group workout from 10:30-11:30, followed by a lunch social & FUN!

This is open to all Dailey Fitness members & their guests!

Let us know if you’re coming & who you’re bringing! The more the merrier!


CREATE a great week!