Make your own NUT Milk!

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Happy HUMP Day!

“Discipline is the bridge between goals & accomplishments.” ~Jim Rohn


How are you doing with ACCOMPLISHMENTS this week? Are you making great things happen? We are only half way through the week…There is still time! Dig DEEP! Think about the “WHY” behind the goals you set, and every time you start to make an excuse…create ACTION instead!


The Dailey RECIPE Tip: Make your own NUT milk!!! I imagined it to be WAY harder than this! Check out this quick video and give it a try! 100% nutritious and guaranteed NO ADDED CRAP! I want to hear from you if you do it!!!


A very late, but HUGE thanks to Shanna McClanahan for such an AWESOME presentation at our Skin Care clinic this past Friday night! I learned so many things! For instance, did you know that to properly cleanse your face that you must gently massage your cleanser on your face for an entire MINUTE to actually penetrate the dirt? And you should follow up with a 2nd cleanse of 1 minute after that? Did you know that some of the most popular over the counter cleansers not only strip your skin but can actually leave microscopic walnut shells imbedded into your skin creating a myriad of problems? If you want to know more…contact her directly! 336-937-3810, or She will share more information, offer a free skin consult, & give you 20% off of skin care products through the end of June! Just tell her you are a Dailey Fitness WARRIOR!


Excuses don’t deliver RESULTS…but ACTION does! Get after it!