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Thoughtful Thursday…

“Mastery is making the complex  SIMPLE!” ~Martin Rooney

This can apply to all facets of life, but I am going to ask you to apply this to your health & fitness. Doing the most basic things EXTRAORDINARILY well will pay off far better than trying to take extraordinary measures to reach your best. There is no “perfect diet” book or plan out there…just eat healthy & real FOODS that YOU have to prepare. Learn to discipline yourself to eat proper portion sizes and eat the RIGHT things…instead of filling your belly with 20 different supplements attempting to “fool” yourself into eating less. Execute perfect technique with a simple exercise routine rather than trying to do a myriad of things requiring high skill level & strength you may not possess.


Master doing ordinary things EXTRAORDINARILY well to simplify your life, & help you live your BEST!

Be willing to work HARD and put your effort in the right place to succeed. When you make the most important thing THE most important thing, you won’t fail.


It’s the first day of SPRING! Embrace CHANGE!!!