Mind & Body RESET kicks off in ONE week! Sign up!!!

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Happy SUNNY Sunday!!!

I don’t know about you, but I’m so pumped that the winter wonderland is coming to an end! We have warmer temps on the horizon (good-bye snow!)…and HELLO to a full week of opportunity ahead! If you found yourself falling short of your personal goals last week…commit to CHANGE this week!


There has been a LOT of inquiry about the TEAM that we are building for a 6 week transformation program. It’s time to UNVEIL the details & get everyone pumped up for it! If you’ve already been attending the Dailey Fitness classes…you are already part of the TEAM! If you are getting this email and are not yet participating in our program…what are you waiting for?!?! Take the 6 week RESET challenge! Call/text me ASAP to reserve your spot! Invite a friend to do it with you! A LOT can happen in 6 weeks! If you’re stuck in a “rut” with your goals, if you aren’t getting the results you want, if you are DE-motivated when it comes to working out and eating right…YOU NEED THIS RESET!


The 6 week Mind & Body RESET kicks off next Monday, Feb 24th!!

What you get:

  • Before/after fitness assessment (weight, measurements, functional movement testing)
  • Weekly weigh-in to keep you accountable-every Friday!
  • Daily tips, motivation, & challenges at the studio AND in your email inbox!
  • Accountability from your coach AND your TEAM! We’re in this TOGETHER!
  • Weekly challenges to measure progress & CREATE CHANGE!

THIS WEEK: schedule your 15-20 minute appointment to get your assessment! Before/after class, on your lunch break or any time you can carve out. It’s painless, and necessary if you want to get RESULTS. You certainly don’t HAVE to participate, but it’s going to suck to watch your TEAM reach goals without you!


Pre-RESET CHALLENGE: DRINK MORE WATER! Even if you think you drink enough…I bet you don’t GET enough! Multiply your body weight by 0.033 & you have your necessary water intake in liters. DO NOT ignore hydration. It is one of the most important keys to total health & wellness!