Monday Mantra: Don’t MAJOR in the minors!

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I have been loving the great questions about food, nutrition, & how to create changes that produce results over the last 4+ weeks! I have been asked over and over again is “what kind of vitamins/supplements should I take”, or “what’s the best protein powder”, or “what do you think about  this grain over that one”, “what about this supplement/seed/food to suppress my appetite & make me eat less”? Listen…those are all great questions, but those are not the things I am most concerned about. Why? Because if you can’t do the MAJOR-the most important- things well….you are wasting your time by focusing on the MINOR things! I’m way more concerned about the extra cookie or junk food you eat every night/day (for the last 10 years); the piles of boxed, bagged & canned goods in your pantry; or the glass(es) of wine you have every night (instead of water); the fact that you are surviving on 4 or 5 hours of sleep every night…and what THAT is doing to your health. If you can’t do the most important things like drink enough water, get your workouts in, put real foods in the hole under your nose, get enough REST every night…you are never going to see great benefits from adding all of the other stuff into the mix.


Simplify! The “W.O.W.” = PRACTICE…remember how you practice & how you act will determine everything! By doing the ordinary things EXTRAORDINARILY well…you will achieve far more. This week: PRACTICE working on simple good nutrition (without so much extra fluff), get at least ONE MORE workout than you think you have time for, drink more water, and go to bed EARLY each night.


It’s HURRICANE day at the studio! If you want to kick start the week with a purpose…there’s plenty of room still left in the 6pm class!


Your Dailey Thought…

“PRACTICE as if you are the worst, perform as if you are the best.” ~ Author Unknown