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Happy HUMP Day!

“Ignore the little voice in your head that says your goals are not possible. It lies to you.”

I’m so proud to announce that this week’s in house ROCKSTARS are Jenna Roby & Kelly Bartlett! They didn’t listen to that little “devil” voice inside their heads and the LOST BIG with 4.4 & 4.2 pounds down in one week! Total cumulative lbs lost last week so far is 28.3 lbs (with 2 still needing to weigh in!!!) bringing the overall loss for 27 people up to 71.7 lbs!!! That’s just in 2 weeks!! CONGRATS to everyone who is participating and getting results, big & small. Weight loss, improved strength, mental toughness, cleaner diet, drinking more water, getting more rest…it ALL adds up.


The Dailey JUICE/SMOOTHIE Recipe: IF you don’t have a juicer, ANY juicing recipe can be made in a blender! Just add a bit of water to get the drink to the consistency you prefer. Tweak with other fruits to change the flavor (use fresh ginger, oranges, limes, etc.). This particular one can: Prevent cancer, heart attacks, acne, constipation, lower blood pressure, strengthen immune system, improve the functioning of liver/kidney/pancreas, aid in digestion, and strengthen the eyes! All that in ONE glass!

  • 1 beet root
  • 1 carrot
  • 1 apple
  • ½ of a lemon- juice


Your Dailey thought…

“If you know the road to success will often be lonely and steep, might as well step up with some enthusiasm.” ~Martin Rooney

Get EXCITED about change today!