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“The future you see is the future you get.” –Robert G. Allen

What does your future look like? Are you visualizing it? Are you focusing on the things you desire…or the things you fear about the future?

Get your mindset RIGHT! Know that you have what it takes to succeed at ANYTHING you put your mind and effort to. You’ve just gotta want it bad enough!


The WARRIOR Nutrition Tip: Don’t eat anything your great grandmother wouldn’t recognize as FOOD! Not sure about your great grandma, but mine wasn’t cruising through drive thru’s, eating protein bars, or making dinner from a box. She lived a LONG time too! Eat to LIVE! (Oh! And DRINK MORE WATER too!)


October is BRING A FRIEND MONTH at the dojo! IF you are already a student with us…it’s time to invite a friend that you KNOW has goals to reach & needs help getting there! You can invite one friend for each week of the month (that’s up to 4 different friends! Each friend gets one week) If you aren’t already a student here, & maybe you KNOW someone who is…ask them about this amazing offer! If you aren’t training with us, don’t know anyone who is, and have goals to reach…just call ME directly!

Here’s the deal:

  • Free pass gives UNLIMITED access to ANY group training on the schedule click here to investigate.
  • The one redeeming the free pass MUST RSVP for the particular week they will be joining us-in advance. Their week will start on a Monday, end on Sat.
  • Prior to first day, they MUST come in for a meet & greet, and do a brief assessment. Not negotiable.
  • Free pass is only available for those that have never trained with Dailey Fitness/TFW Greensboro OR have dropped off & want to see what’s different now!
  • Person redeeming the free pass MUST be ready to have an amazing experience & want to see what a results driven program is really about!

Start recruiting! This is an awesome GIFT for you to give to someone. Don’t waste it!


LIVE your best today!