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“I am not what I have done. I am what I have overcome.”


The “W.O.W.” = OVERCOME!

This past weekend I have been at an annual TFW summit, and this word has dominated my mindset! Throughout the weekend I have been pushed out of my comfort zone, been asked to do things that-honestly-I wasn’t sure that I was capable of doing, and I have been forced to audit my own health and my business on a very deep level. Pretty uncomfortable, to say the least. But something amazing has happened during this process. I left my comfort zone and took on some pretty big challenges. I had to overcome my fears, limitations, and self-doubt. When I stepped beyond the slightly uncomfortable, I found that I was capable of MORE! I am leaving this summit BETTER than I was before I got here! I now want  to challenge you to OVERCOME an obstacle this week. Wherever it is, dig deep. Take on the fear, lose the self-doubt, and discover a new level within yourself!


The Warrior Nutrition Tip: Forget counting calories, stop stressing about what nutrients are in what foods, keep it simple and EAT THE RAINBOW! The beautiful thing about Mother Nature is that she supplies fruit and vegetables in an array of colors, which means each color of fruit or veg carries its own set of unique disease-fighting nutrients. When you aim to eat the rainbow your body will be receiving a diverse range of these and will know exactly what it needs to do with them on the inside.


Leave the “T” off the word CAN…and OVERCOME anything!

CREATE your best week EVER!