PROBIOTICS = good for your health!

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Good morning!!!

Today is a NEW day filled with opportunity to CHANGE! The challenge of the week in the studio is to CHANGE just one unhealthy habit this week, and trade it in for a healthy habit. Maybe it’s a sugary snack you know you don’t need every day, or to go to bed 1hr earlier so you get more rest, or to give up soda or that glass of wine with dinner. Let’s face it, we ALL have at least one habit that doesn’t ensure kindness to our health. It’s a lot easier to ditch ONE bad habit than to try to do a complete makeover. In order to create CHANGE, we have to step outside of the comfort zone & what we already know.


The Dailey HEALTH Tip: TAKE PROBIOTICS! They are essential to proper digestive health & your entire immune system! In fact, “Mamas-to-be who take supplemental probiotics return to their pre-baby body composition faster, have babies with excellent body composition and babies with fewer allergies, eczema and asthma than their non-probiotic taking counterparts”. Probiotics are good for anyone, and not limited to mamas-to-be either. Check out this blog post from Dr. Jillian Teta listing the many benefits of taking probiotics and how to select a good one for you!


AMAZING class this am! THANK YOU to all who showed up, worked hard, & tolerated a bit of “trainer chaos” this am! J My day started horribly by getting a busted lip before the am commute, unable to eat breakfast due to the lip, trying to teach a high energy class while holding an ice pack on my lip…AND…my dogs “busting jail” to interrupt the class! The upside & turning point to the chaos? Relentless energy from a crew of dedicated people who are committed to getting BETTER! THAT makes my day fantastic!


Your Dailey Thought….
“He who rejects CHANGE is the architect of decay. The only human institution which rejects progress is the cemetery.” ~Harold Wilson