QUIT something today!

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As promised…

Today (& all week long), I am sharing some powerful motivation from my mentor, Martin Rooney-founder of TFW. This is the first of several “LIES” that you may have been duped into believing-holding you back from YOUR best success yet. What will you QUIT today to get closer to your goals?


Lie #1: Quitters Never Win (from Martin Rooney)
The concept of “never quitting” is misleading. You were probably taught that quitting is a bad thing and a “never say die” attitude is not only to be sought after, but a secret to success. On the contrary, never quitting can also be the fast track to failure and mediocrity.  I am not saying you should not persevere toward goals.  Successful people do stay the course with behaviors that lead them to success.  These successful people, however, also quit the behaviors that are holding them back!
If you want six-pack abs, there are things you have to stick with and others you have to quit. For instance, you will have to stick with training and eating right, but quit all the bad habits that are stopping you from getting leaner.  Beside your personal fitness, you can apply quitting to your studies, your job, and your relationships and enjoy more success.
I advise removing one type of food from your diet, a few hours of television to get in an extra training session or gossiping with negative people. Start small, start today, be a quitter.
Rooney Upgrade:  Winners Quit All The Time

The Dailey NUTRITION Tip: QUIT SUGAR! I’m talking about anything containing high fructose corn syrups, dextrose, maltodextrin, and any other word ending in “-ose” or syrup. Best bet, eat REAL food that doesn’t have an ingredient list & you won’t have to worry about harmful ingredients sabotaging your best efforts!


QUIT something today!!!