Read, set, RESET!!!

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Happy BEAUTIFUL Spring-like SUNDAY!

Are you READY for a RESET?!


Tomorrow is the official start of the 6 week Mind & Body RESET! Even if you are not a member participating at the studio, I hope you will play along anyway. We ALL have room for improvement when it comes to our mental & physical health. The next 6 weeks will simply a chance for us to take a hard look at our food, exercise, hydration, & rest. I am going to encourage you to make changes in each area just to see what happens. I’m going to be giving you a LOT of suggestions, recipe alternatives, & CHALLENGES that will help you move your needle in a positive direction! It’s up to YOU to do the work, but I know that if you invest the time & effort you will get a huge return on that investment.


WEEK 1 RESET STRATEGY: NUTRITION! You are what you eat, so get SERIOUS about the foods you put in the hole under your nose!

Attached you will find “The LIST” of the top 20 food items you need to be eating. In fact I think these foods should be the ONLY foods you eat over the next 6 weeks. Throw out everything else in your pantry & refrigerator! No processed foods, NO fast foods, ONLY REAL FOODS that don’t have an ingredient list…because the ARE the ingredient!


The Dailey CHALLENGE: Make your plan TODAY! Eating well & living healthy requires a strategy. You must plan your meals, you must plan the exercise into the schedule, you must plan for rest too. Treat your health like you do any other important appointment in your life and put it on the calendar! Do not cancel on your health for anything, & be sure to schedule the rest of your life around IT! (Head’s up! I just looked at the schedule for classes tomorrow and hardly anyone is signed up! MAKE YOUR PLAN!)


The Dailey Thought…

“Not sure why this is so hard to realize, but you are rarely going to get MORE for doing LESS. You want to have MORE, you have 2 choices: Be MORE or Do MORE.
True Story.” ~
Martin Rooney


It’s time to CREATE CHANGE!