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“Opportunities do not come with their values stamped upon them.” ~Maltbie Babcock

Some opportunities are clear as day when you encounter them. However, many opportunities may not seem to have great value until the moment of reflection, when you can look back and realize the greatness associated with GOING FOR IT! Remember that you may never know the full value of your opportunities until your life is forever changed from taking action.


The WARRIOR Nutrition Tip: You have a choice when grocery shopping, preparing your meals, & dining out. You can choose to buy healthy foods, or you can buy unhealthy foods. Eating right is just as easy eating wrong…it’s a CHOICE. Therefore, reaching your health & wellness goals is also a choice! Eat to LIVE, & move towards your goals…or live to EAT, and at the very best stay exactly where you are. What’s your CHOICE?


Don’t wait for OPPORTUNITY, SEIZE it!