Stress less, LAUGH MORE!!!

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“Laughter is a gift appreciated by every person on earth browse around this site.”

The theme at our dojo this month is LAUGHTER! Let’s face it, EVERYONE loves a good laugh! Laughter makes us feel good all over! And we don’t do it enough. We often take ourselves, and our situations way too seriously! Although it’s important to focus, & get serious about our goals & actions…it’s just as important to find humor in our mistakes, and to share a good laugh as often as possible! Laughter and negativity are both contagious…which one do YOU want to catch?!



We are SO fired up about our upcoming 8 week challenge! In fact, we have had quite a few applications sent in, and the program is over ½ way filled up! If you are considering this challenge, or have a friend that wants to do it…DON’T WAIT! The time is NOW to fill out the application & reserve a spot! Once we receive your application, we will call you ASAP to give you any details you need & get you ready to go!



Sat April 23! 10am-12pm… SWEAT FOR A CAUSE!!! 100% of the donations raised will go to Peacehaven Community Farm! (flyer attached!)

Charity Metabolic Event featuring a world class workout from 10:30-11:30am, food, music, & guest appearances from some of our favorite vendors! Peacehaven will even have a market here too!

Whether you want to workout, or just come out to cheer everyone on & support this wonderful cause…we hope to see you there!


Stress less, LAUGH MORE!