Sushi tips!

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“Your HOBBIES say what you like. Your DREAMS say what you want. But your ACTIONS are the most powerful for they say WHAT YOU GET”

Happy Monday!

Hope your week is off to a great start! What ACTIONS will you create this week to move your needle in the right direction? What might you be doing right now that is holding you back from success? Identify it, and QUIT doing it! That’s right, QUITTING is often the most important thing you will ever do!


The Dailey Sushi Tip: Choose your SUSHI carefully! If you love a good sushi roll, or can throw back a bowl of Edemame like it’s your job…you might want to ask your favorite sushi spot exactly what they use for ingredients before diving in the next time!


The Dailey CHALLENGE: Write down everything you eat all week! At the end of the week review it. (or bring it in for me to glance over) Always a good idea to do this from time to time…particularly if you are hitting a plateau with weight loss or fitness goals. Sometimes the old bad habits sneak back into play, sabotaging our best intentions! Where can you clean up your nutrition this week!?