Take your “MEDICINE”!

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“You never truly appreciate health until you don’t have it!” ~Coach Nicole

After being knocked down and OUT for the last nearly 48 hours…and not able to remember the last time I was so ill, I am truly THANKFUL to have my health. It really made me think about those who have long term illness, those who are enduring the painstaking treatments for cancer or other life threatening diseases, and especially those who are terminally ill. Take your health seriously! Cherish it. Treat it like it’s “the most important thing”…because it is. Without your health you are NO GOOD to anyone! Eat REAL foods, drink plenty of pure WATER, get enough REST, and of course get lots of EXERCISE! These are the “medicines” we should be taking every day, yet most folks don’t get the doses right. Where are you falling short? Get the doses RIGHT!


Speaking of health & CANCER….I hope you will consider showing your support to the Dailey Fitness TEAM & come out to our 7th annual Relay for Life fundraiser on Sat. June 28. We will be raising money for the American Cancer society to FIGHT BACK against cancer. Cancer has touched all of our lives, and a cure is out there. Attached is the flyer with the festivity details. Please come out for the cause, and spread the word! It’s a great event and an even GREATER cause! Let’s give the gift of HEALTH & MORE BIRTHDAYS to present & future cancer victims! 100% of the donations raised goes to the cause!


The Dailey ORGANIC SHOPPING Tip: Think it’s TOO EXPENSIVE to eat organic? It’s not! Here is a link to prove how just one meal can cost you much less than you think! http://livingmaxwell.com/new-to-organic-start-with-this-inexpensive-breakfast Need help finding organic “deals” to suit your budget, give me a shout! I’m the queen of making healthy eating happen on a budget!


FLEX CLASS IS ON TONIGHT! And classes are resuming on schedule for the rest of the week!


Have a fantastic Day!