I love the classes and feel good. While I know I have more pounds to shed, I really want to feel strong, energetic and more agile. I feel like I’ve tried everything in the past...spin, boot camps, weight machines, swimming and step for years. In the last few months, I hit a huge brick wall and could not get motivated, felt sluggish, etc. I work from home and was doing my best to work out at home solo doing the ME workout, but really need that face to face encouragement, social connection with others and all that to pump me up....and you and the classes are providing just that.

Jeanne - Group Training

The TFW workouts have been everything to me, especially during this COVID-19 pandemic! Our hybrid model of online and in-person training outside has been exactly what I need to stay on track with my health and fitness goals, as well as stay mentally and emotionally healthy through interaction with my familia during this trying time—all while being in a safe environment. Doesn’t get any better than that! Nicole’s coaching combined with accountability, and comradery from my fellow Warriors has helped me be the best I can individually and for my family!

Katie - Legal Professional

The start of my journey with TFW Greensboro on June 30, 2020. I was going on my neighborhood run when my good friend and awesome neighbor Kim (fellow TFW Greensboro family member) met with me to do our daily catch up talks over the fence. I had mentioned to her, that “I feel like I can do more than just run, and I don’t know how to get started!” I've never had a personal coach, nutritionist, or even trainer. I came from a small town in Maryland with only two gyms available and honestly as a mother of 4, it’s a little hard to go to the gym on a whim, after spending all day chasing after little ones around! So Kim introduced me to Coach Nicole and the tfw familia. “ Hey why don’t you come with me to a Saturday class in the parking lot” I was a bit puzzled... parking lot? “They have classes in parking lots?! No way.” Saturday came and went and as I joined the new crew, My exact thought was yup this for me and this is exactly where I wanted to be. So Coach Nicole said “hey try it out for 28 days and if you stay, you stay if not then okay! But do yourself a favor and just try it out!” So I said okay! You got me sold! I am so happy to be apart of a gym that is not only helping you through the physical aspects of everything but with your nutrition and mental health as well! During the covid-19 pandemic, TFW Greensboro not only offers safely distanced outdoor workouts but also virtual workouts via Zoom and Facebook live. Coach Nicole makes all the workouts fun, tough, and most importantly workouts that you can do anywhere. So there is never an excuse of why you couldn’t do one. Coach Nicole has been so creative in her workouts, motivating, inspiring, and is positive to everyone she meets. She takes time out of her day to talk with you, to coach you and to help you in every way she can. I have never met a coach quite like her and a group of people coming from all different backgrounds to help one another through these difficult times, and helping you with your health. The TFW familia actually care for one another in a way where you don't feel like you are doing this alone. For example, I have always struggled with nutrition (I love the tacos, cheese, wine, and a good lasagna!). TFW has helped me get on track with my nutrition, and has helped me tremendously with what’s good for my body and what’s not. Let me tell you it’s not a diet it’s a lifestyle change! A lifestyle change that will not only affect you, but will inspire and affect those around you. After the first 28 days, I have seen major positive differences with my health and my body. I am striving to be the best version of me that I have never seen before and I owe it all to Coach Nicole, Kim, and the TFW Greensboro family! You all are amazing people, and I pray that the world sees more people like you. Hallusa!

Liz, Mother of 4

I am LOVING where I'm heading. I am very exited about progress I am making. I am ready to continue my journey to better health and forward momentum! It's because of you. So thank you so much. You do inspire me and so many others!

Wendy - Group Training

I was able to throw the football with my Grandson Sat. in 4 years. Until now, the shoulder pain would not allow me to throw overhand. Yea, Nicole!

Bobby - TFW Member

Training for Warriors has totally impacted my life.  I feel stronger and I have more confidence in my physical abilities.  I have never really participated in any athletic activities and lack of confidence certainly contributed to this.  I am not the fastest, most agile or most competitive in class.  However, I have gained the confidence not to worry about it and move at my own pace.  I have gained abilities in these areas that I did not have before.  And at my age, this is so empowering and really makes me happy.  I truly enjoy each class I attend.  No matter how hard we work, I feel better when I am done.  I feel a sense of accomplishment.  If I am feeling bad or having some general aches and pains, the classes always make me feel better and usually the aches and pains have disappeared.   I have learned so much about my body.  I have learned that for many years I have not been using my body parts the right way and overcompensating with other body parts (i.e. painful knees, bad posture).  I cannot undo overnight the years of overcompensation, however, this knowledge has helped me to decrease my pain and exercise has become more enjoyable.  I enjoy reading the tips in the e-mails and I do try to incorporate them into my life.  I am not always successful but I keep trying and continue to be open to all advice and suggestions.

Karen - TFW Member 3 yrs

I'm loving the classes! Didn't know it was going to be SO MUCH FUN! My husband says I am in a better mood! That is always a good sign. I feel great! My children tell me they can tell a difference. I've been telling all of my clients so hopefully when you get your gym we will have it packed! I can tell a difference in my shoulders already. I feel stronger, happier, and have more energy! So thank you!

Lori - Group Training

I wanted to tell you about the other day when I stood on my office chair (which is wobbly on wheels and swivels) to hang up a frame. It shifted and rolled while I was standing on it and I had no problem reacting and keeping my balance. I got in "position" like a ninja. Ha ha. A year ago I would've broken my neck. I immediately thought of you & your classes & how you'd be proud.

Sophie - Group Training