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The weekend is ALMOST here! I hope you have ACCELERATED towards (or even past) your goals this week! Keep the momentum & DON’T QUIT!


“The true measure of a man is not how he behaves in moments of comfort and convenience but how he stands at times of controversy and challenges.” Martin Luther King Jr.

This week-in my classes-I have talked a lot about adversity & challenge through stories of amazing people who have overcome theirs. Whether you heard these stories or not, the lessons taught were:

  • Circumstances mean nothing.
  • Limitations mean nothing.
  • Obstacles mean nothing.
  • It all comes down to YOU!

YOU decide how you react to circumstances—who you are in those circumstances and what you can do in spite of them (or because of them).  YOU decide what you do with your limitations—if you see them as a challenge, a minor setback, or a message from the universe that you’re just not “meant” to do something. YOU decide to let obstacles stop you or to keep blazing ahead.


The Dailey LUNCH Idea: WRAP it up! This is a great vegetarian lunch packed with protein & nutrients! Make this up for lunch or even serve it up for a fun dinner!


Don’t forget we have a great class at 10am on Sat – “Balanced Body in Motion” – with Katie! The patch (& other toys) will be out and the focus will be movement patterns, balance, & athletic ability. Challenging? YES! But the reward is in the RESULTS! SIGN UP!


Have a wonderful & SAFE weekend!