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“The only way to discover the limits of the impossible is to go beyond them into the impossible.” — Arthur Clarke


The “W.O.W.” = ACCELERATE! If you have hit a plateau with your training, weight loss, career, a relationship…it’s time to ACCELERATE. The only way you can do this is to change your approach. This week, put your pedal to the metal when it comes to your goals. Get MORE SERIOUS than you have been up to this point. Treat the obstacles you will face this week as LESSONS, & learn from them how to get better! The only mistake is the one you continue to make & not learn from!


I’m FIRED UP for this week! SO much ACCELERATION about to happen for me. My body may have been “down & out” last week, but not my mind! I’ve been making my plan. The best way to make progress this week is to make YOUR plan. Write down the most important things you need to do to ACCELERATE this week…and stick to it.


At the studio- we’ve got an awesome week in the making. Plenty of opportunity for YOU to ACCELERATE this week! The first step towards ACCELERATION= SIGN UP! Don’t get left behind!

  • Monday-Total Body Strength
  • Tuesday-HURRICANES
  • Wednesday- Movement Patterns & Athletic Conditioning
  • Thursday-Metabolic Circuit
  • Friday-Total Body Strength
  • Saturday-BALANCED Body in Motion

Want to see your needle move this week? Think OUTSIDE of your normal “routine”. Attend a class/workout that  you don’t usually do. Get ONE MORE workout than you’re used to-even if you have to pay extra. When you feel like quitting…try a little HARDER! When you want to sleep in and skip your 6am workout…GET UP & do it anyway! Make the most important thing THE most important thing!