The “W.O.W.” = EFFORT!

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“The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any.”

~ Alice Walker

After literally running across this quote 4 different times THIS WEEK (it’s only Tuesday!)…I couldn’t help but take it as a sign to APPLY this thought.  What have you given up on thinking you didn’t have any control over: a thought, a goal, or a dream? Taking control over your mental & physical health IS EMPOWERMENT! The “EFFORT” you put forth towards living strong gives you power! Only YOU can take responsibility of your thoughts & actions! Choose wisely!


The “W.O.W’ = EFFORT! The bigger the EFFORT, the bigger the OUTCOME! This week…put more EFFORT into your goals. Choose 3 that you have neglected and get after them! Don’t give up your power to create change just because you hit a plateau or obstacle. A little more EFFORT will push you forward & closer to your goal! To become more…you have to DO MORE!


The Dailey HEALTH Tip: DID YOU KNOW: that two thirds to three quarters of the immune system resides in and around the digestive tract? This, combined with the inhospitable environment of the stomach, with its very low pH, acidic conditions make your gut a force when dealing with pathogens that come in through your mouth (which is to say, most pathogens). A healthy gut is a healthy immune system.
Eat right!
Train hard!