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The Winter Olympics is such an exciting series of events! People from around the world coming together to compete at their sport to earn the title of being “THE BEST IN THE WORLD” at it. These people have dedicated their LIFE to this moment. The Olympics help to remind us that life is tough, but we need to keep fighting and do our best. There will inevitably be setbacks…but there are always victories. The only true failure is not actually falling short of the goal…but rather not giving your best effort to get there.


Martin Rooney said it best: “Take on this week ahead and give your best OLYMPIC EFFORT in whatever event it is you choose to compete-such as fitness, nutrition, career, relationships, etc.  Whatever your passion, the Olympics should be your reminder you can do it!  Regardless of what anyone else says, you can be whatever you want to be if you put in an OLYMPIC EFFORT.  The Olympics should remind you your time is now.  Life is your Games, and the judges are keeping score.”


The OLYMPIC CHALLENGE of the week: GO FOR THE GOLD!!! Write out your “TOP 5” list for the week! (5 most important things you need to accomplish this week to move your needle) Go ahead and schedule your workouts for the week…and put them on your calendar as an appointment you cannot reschedule. Fuel your body with only the BEST nutrition, and get enough REST! If you give your very BEST effort…you cannot fail!